segunda-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2010

21th lesson .. " You remind me "

When I am in a open or close space, sometimes happen than a person remind me someone else of my past.Sometimes happen than remind me a old love.
Before than my heart break and I can follow in a deep sleep with open eyes to remember me the memories.. I do what a english man teach me in june after a conference...

1) look deeply the person than take my observation,and in that time dream for a moment.
2) when something happen, phon calls, friends, people talks, I wake up and drive my memory to a blind street, called Reality.

When I open my eyes remember me where I am and what's doing...and all is gone, the reality is back.

the lesson is go way in your street, nothing must be take your attention..only the original person can help you not a fake copy...

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